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We Are A Creative Video Production Company

Guddu Ji Creation Ltd. maker of most cherished movies, proceeds with today as a significant maker and merchant of shot diversion.

Guddu Ji has a rich tradition of bringing film industry blockbusters and immortal works of art to the big screen-befitting of its remaining as India's most established running creation houses.

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Bollywood Movies

We work in production and direction of bollywood movies.

Single Track Songs

Single track Songs are among our specialities.

Web Series

Web Series is new growing trend which we are also following.

Short Movies

Short movies are for new comers who enter a new dimension of cinema.

TV Reality Show

TV Reality Shows are best sensation there is for a long time.

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Video production work with producing video content. It is the analogical of film making, but the images are digitally recorded instead of film stock. There are three levels of video production: production, pre-production and post-production.